Friday, December 27, 2013

Song of the Week

Idina Menzel/"Let it Go"/Frozen

(Spoiler alert: this is a movie clip and reveals key plot points of Disney's Frozen)

 Well, I was wrong about Frozen.  Having seen the trailers and deduced that it was going to be a lame rip-off of Tangled featuring a talking snowman, I had effectively written it off in my mind.  Until I went to see it.  Just proves you shouldn't judge a movie by the trailer (and should keep your stupid mouth shut until you know what you're talking about).  Frozen is one of Disney's best movies I have ever seen, equaled in my opinion only by the best of the Pixar franchise (as far as animated films go).  The visuals, the music, the characters, and the storyline are absolutely beautiful and stunning; it refreshingly breaks the mold of traditional Disney "follow-your-heart" fare with a beautiful and redemptive story focusing on the strained relationship between two sisters.

Frozen is also a legitimate musical; well, at least the first half, anyway.  While most animated Disney movies are predominantly dialogue-driven with a song or two thrown in for good measure, much of the first half of the movie is driven by songs instead of dialogue.  As the plot and action thickens in the second half, the songs become less frequent.  But the first half of the movie is a wonderfully designed animated musical.  "Let it Go," performed by Idina Menzel (the voice actor for Elsa, one of the movie's main characters), is one of the best songs of the movie, a perfectly-written musical number inflected but not tarnished with influence from modern pop music.  A beautiful song in its own right, "Let it Go" is even more powerful in the context of the movie, where it plays a vital role in character and plot development.  Enjoy.

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