Saturday, January 18, 2014

Song of the Week

Show Some Teeth/"Metaphor"/SST

 For some reason the youtube upload isn't working for this song, so just click on the link above.  Show Some Teeth is a great new rock band from St. Louis with a hard-to-define sound built on a combination of metal, classic rock, and alternative rock.  Made up of extremely talented musicians (one of whom also plays bass in my band, Jeopardize), the band puts on a high-energy live show and has released an EP (SST) that is available through the band.  "Metaphor" is one of Show Some Teeth's simplest songs but also one of their most appealing.  Built upon a progression of diatonic seventh arpeggios, the song builds up to a powerhouse chorus and a climatic bridge augmented by Nick Vogl's deep, emotional vocals.  This live version also features a guitar solo from Ben Webb; a good thing, since we could always use more guitar solos.

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